Official Translation of Financial Reports and Statements

The most important requirement for a company’s annual reports is that all figures should be correct and complete. There is no need for any creative interaction with language, thus leading to reduced cost for translations of financial reports.

Long experience and dedicated glossaries entail more efficient translations
It takes well-trained professional translators with in-depth experience in the fields of finance, banking and financial reporting to translate financial reports and financial statements. Companies that need their financial reports translated are active in several sectors (engineering, medicine, betting, etc.)

Our long experience significantly reduces the time required for translation and has a positive effect on the total costs. Furthermore, a consistent use of the customer’s terminology is also ensured.

Types of financial reports that are often translated in house include:
Investment reports
Quarterly reports
Market and economic reports
Bond reports
Financial statements, etc

Confidentiality is the word
Your data security is our highest priority. Reliable security standards in terms of technology are fully applied, along with the data privacy commitment.

ATTENTION: Recently due to the pandemic all documents are issued and submitted exclusively online. You can request them in hard copy (valid for maximum six months) and then scan them; or you can have them digitally signed valid for an unlimited term.


Why trust metaphrasis to have your financial statements and reports or other financial documents translated:

1. Your translation is internationally accepted
2. Your translation is done quickly and at the best value for money
3. Your translation is delivered either in digital or printed form – both valid
4. The digital signature of metaphrasis is authenticated by the issuing Greek Ministry
5. The Apostille stamp (if accompanying the document) is translated free of charge