Official Translation of Medical Certificate: All you should know

A medical (or health) certificate is a legal and valid proof for several cases: absence from employment, missing classes at school, fit to fly, or reimbursements due to being sick are some of the reasons to have a medical certificate issued.

How to obtain a Medical Certificate
A medical certificate must be honest and not misleading. Practitioners may only sign medical certificates based on facts known to them. Many doctors require a consultation before providing a medical certificate to certify they are signing off on the correct information. Medical practitioners may decline to issue a certificate if requested retrospectively.

What should be included in a medical certificate?
In order to be considered valid, a medical certificate should comprise:
• the form of an official, original & hard copy document;
• the name and address of the issuing practitioner clearly stated;
• the date the certificate is written and signed by the practitioner;
• the date the examination took place;
• the condition of degree of the patient’s incapacity;
• the date the medical practitioner considers the patient likely to recover;
• the interested party requiring evidence of illness, e.g., an employer, insurer or magistrate.

Fit to Fly Certificate
When you have had a health issue or you are wearing a cast, your airline or travel insurance company may require a fit to fly certificate. This is to ensure that you are in good condition to fly. You must not be a risk to yourself or the airline. Physicians can provide this certificate after a normal consultation, in just 45 minutes wherever you are.

COVID-19 Test and Certificate

Public and private hospitals issue medical certificate for travel regulation or visa application clarifying COVID-19 risk and also COVID-19 testing. Travelers can get further counseling in person or via tele-consultation. The medical certificate will be issued under medical doctor consideration and the involved countries’ regulations.

How to request for COVID-19 test/ certificate

1) Carefully read the travel regulation and requirements (visit the relevant Embassy and Airline websites)

2) Determine which type of certificate you will need

3) If you need Undetectable COVID-19 or COVID-19 Free certificate: (RT PCR TEST)
• You should be tested for COVID-19 (a sample from your nose/ throat will be send to the lab)
• The cost is determined by each provider, so ask beforehand
• You should make an appointment online or by phone

Get the result
• The COVID-19 test result will be ready on the next day and the medical certificate is issued
• You are required to pick up the result and medical certificate
• If you do not need a hard copy of the medical certificate nor the original lab report, you can get the lab result via email in Pdf format.

4) To get the certificate you should have no COVID-19 symptoms or low risk of COVID-19 infection
• COVID-19 testing is not required for this type of certificate. However you need to have your temperature checked and your risk and current symptoms assessed by a physician

Usually the translation cost varies depending on its word count and language. Also, the translation must be certified by a translator acknowledged in the country of submission.

That’s why you should primarily pay attention to two things:
1. The translator must be certified and
2. The translator’s stamp and signature must be authenticated.

ATTENTION: Recently due to the pandemic all documents are issued and submitted exclusively online. You can request them in hard copy (valid for maximum six months) and then scan them; or you can have them digitally signed valid for an unlimited term.


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