Official Translation of Academic Transcript – Degree/ Diploma: Required for Post-Grad Studies

The Academic Transcript depicts the student’s performance in each module as well as the credits (ECTS) awarded; in other words, it is the anatomy of the student’s academic course, while the Degree/ Diploma or Graduation Certificate (when oath taking is pending) is its epitome. This is the reason why the official translation of the above documents is required by all universities.

Usually the cost of translating an Academic Record varies depending on its word count and language. Also, the translation must be certified by a translator acknowledged in the country of submission.

That’s why you should primarily pay attention to two things:
1. The translator must be certified and
2. The translator’s stamp and signature must be authenticated.

Do you need your Academic Transcript – Degree/ Diploma translated?

ATTENTION: Recently due to the pandemic all documents are issued and submitted exclusively online. You can request them in hard copy (valid for maximum six months) and then scan them; or you can have them digitally signed valid for an unlimited term.


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